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UT Quality, Integrity
& Flexibility

UT Quality is a Netherlands-Headquartered Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) service provider, delivering customer-focused service and the latest technologies to our growing list of long-term customers in Europe, since 2008.

"At UT Quality we believe that communication, flexibility, technical leadership and ongoing innovation are key to provide the best possible value to our customers. Ensuring that we deliver this to every customer, every time is what makes us unique."

UT Quality is a family-owned business. Hence, the company is characterised by strong commitment, unified leadership, and the strong believe in long-term relationships that are built on trust and authenticity. Combining this with industry-leading technology and expertise makes UT Quality a reliable and trustworthy partner for all your projects.

Clients can build on UT Quality; The team always finds a solution, whether it concerns challenges regarding time and/or complexity, or your standard routine jobs. UT Quality is dedicated to provide the best service possible - for each situation. The management of UT Quality is committed to the impartiality of the organization and its employees and the objectivity of the NDT-results and -reports.

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Providing solutions

UT Quality provides the full range of NDT inspection services, serving clients across the entire range of industries, including the power generation industry, oil & gas refineries, steel producers, storage tank terminals and chemical plants. Making UT Quality the ideal, one-stop partner for all your projects.

With its introduction of the UltraPhase® technology in 2008, UT Quality has been the pioneer in the field of weld inspections, using advanced methods. UltraPhase® provides a completely green alternative for x-ray, including reduced down-time, increased reliability, and direct and detailed inspection feedback that enables local repairs and continuous improvement of weld(er) quality.

With its extensive list of validations and a library of more than 1.000 unique calibration pipes, UltraPhase® inspection can be applied on wall thicknesses ranging from 2,9 mm to 100,0 mm, and diameters ranging from 21,3 mm to 914,4 mm, according i.e. NEN-EN-ISO, ASME and API codes.

UT Quality features a strong team of industry specialists that is able to provide tailored solutions to specialistic challenges, where other parties (may) stop.